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Lifestyle & Portrait Photography by Varghese Photography

Shibu Varghese, a Troy, MI & surrounding area photographer, specializes in headshots, portraits and special events. He captures & immortalizes those magical and timeless moments, reflecting a perfect blend of beauty, grace, and elegance that mesmerize one's imagination.
In his studio, he captures the essence of his subjects with a spectacular perfection. As a special events photographer, he captures the live beauty and glamour of each subject. Shibu Varghese has become a top photographer of choice in the Troy, MI and surrounding area for portraits and special events.
Varghese Photography’s other specialties include Arangetam and Rangapravesam (Indian Dance Recitals and Senior Graduation Events). The events are captured live with complete detail and perfection. A well-captured photograph is an invaluable asset to any corporation, graduating student, and their families forever. 
As you look through the portfolio and portraits, you'll see that Varghese Photography achieves, above all else, perfection in every photograph. yet he also believes that perfection and value go hand in hand.

As a Certified Professional Photographer and a PPA Photographer, Shibu Varghese Specializes in Affordable Photography For Headshots, Special Occasions, and Portrait Photography.

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